Munib Nawaz 'Moonlight Romanticisim' - #QHBCW16 - chambeili Magazine

Munib Nawaz ‘Moonlight Romanticisim’ – #QHBCW16

Presenting Moonlight Romanticisim by Munib Nawaz for this festive season 2016/17 at QHBCW. The collection is a tribute to romance and glamour of glory days. 'Noonlight Romanticism' symbolizes the romance between modern fabrics and age old craftsmanship that embellishes the special night when two human beings join in matrimony for better or for worse. The collection is based on poetry, romance and being in love. Taking poetry in calligraphy as our inspiration, we embellished our new age fabrics that have been influenced by the colors of the earth under the moon. Colors for this season are based on deep dark earth and modern technology creating a look and feel never seen before.


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