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Élan & Nida Azwer ‘Grand Couturiers’ – #QHBCW16

Presenting Grand Couturiers by Élan and Nida Azwer for this festive season 2016/17 at QHBCW. Élan: The collection features Élan’s signature craftsmanship with innovative new techniques, embellishments, motifs, embroideries and unique colour palettes. Intricate, feminine and modern all at the same time, Palais Indochine has something for everyone be it an engagement, wedding or a personal ensemble for one’ trousseau. Further inspired by Chinoiserie and the Subcontinental vista, Élan’s take on the classic red bridal was embellished with gold tilla and threadwork with an emphasis on subverting traditional motifs and reinterpreting them in a manner that is contemporary yet classic.


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