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Frequently Asked Questions

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Do you charge for the chambeili Magazine subscription?

No – the chambeili Magazine Edition is currently on free subscription

Can I access the chambeili Magazine outside the UK?

Yes – chambeili Magazine is available to every country worldwide.

Can I access chambeili Magazine on a PC or Laptop?

Yes – you can now access chambeili Magazine on your PC or Laptop for Windows if you have Google Chrome installed. You will need to have Windows 8 as a minimum requirement to use the app. You can click the Google Play Newsstand Desktop Edition link to open our magazine.

Can I advertise or have an editorial in the magazine?

We do not advertise businesses other than Google Advertisement. For editorial articles we will only write articles for Pakistan’s prominent and popular fashion and accessory brands/designers. If you wish to feature in our magazine then send us an email to: editorial@chambeili.com with information on your brand and information/hi-res photos regarding what you wish to publicise that would be of interest to our readers.

How often is the chambeili Magazine updated?

We provide regular articles relating to the various magazine categories.

I am a fashion blogger or fashion freelancer , can I publish my articles in chambeili Magazine?

Yes – we are looking for talented fashion bloggers/freelancers who have specific experience in Pakistan fashion – ideally based in Lahore or Karachi. If you have past experience and can provide examples of your articles we would love to assess your work and get back to you on whether you are suitable. We do however have strict requirements one of which is a high level of English grammar as well as experience in producing video interviews, asset collections for showcasing images in the magazine. If you think you have what it takes with a passion for Pakistan fashion then drop as email to join@chambeili.com and we will arrange a skype interview.

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